Lorraine Montez, Playwright (she/her)
Lorraine’s formal theater training started in her early years, when she began performing professionally in shows in her hometown of Las Cruces, NM. She was trained by Academy and Tony-Award winning writer, Mark Medoff, as well as the Royal Shakespeare Company’s John Hartley, former VP of Communications for BBC Radio, Enyd Williams, and former Guthrie Theater casting director Stephan Kanee. She moved to LA and worked in theater and the film industry for five years, before relocating to Seattle, where she has lived since. Her short theater piece, Six Degrees of Helen premiered to sold-out shows. While The Well is her first endeavor into musical theater, she has produced five feature films, including “The Hollow One,” which was acquired and released throughout the world in 2016-17. In addition to films, Lorraine has three TV shows in development: “Secret Lives in Cars,” “Mark As Other,” and “Stagecoach Destiny, two feature films, “Room 612” and “Entanglement.” She’s reinvigorated the Seattle Film Summit, with a new programming idea and built the foundation for its current success. She is also an award-winning marketing communication and business development professional with more than 15 years of experience.

Kira Sipler, Producer(she/her)

Kira is a Seattle-based screenwriter, director and producer and set wrangler. She graduated from the University of New Mexico with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. She continued to produce, act and direct in the Albuquerque theatre scene until relocating to Seattle in 1993, where she continued to act and direct through Pilgrim’s Center for the Arts for several years.

From working the corporate life of dotcoms, running her own massage therapy business, competing in a few marathons and triathlons and driving a few forklifts, Kira returned to her creative roots and enrolled in the screenwriting certificate program at the Seattle Film Institute in 2013 and thereafter Shoreline Community College’s Digital Filmmaking Program in 2014.  She recently completed the Screenwriting Intensive at TheFilmSchool with Tom Skerritt and Brian McDonald.

Kira was privileged to work with many of Seattle’s influential filmmakers and it’s multi-dimensional film making scene as Logistics Director for the Seattle Film Summit. She is excited to finally blend her passions and talents to bring forth a personal and influential force as mental health to the storytelling stage.

Blending her love of storytelling and road trips, she is also Co-Founder of Jouska Road Productions.  Some of her work can be seen IMDB.

Tim Huling, Composer (he/his)
Tim Huling comes from a family of musicians (concert pianists, organists, opera singers, arrangers, and instrumentalists) and has been writing and creating music from an early age. During his teenage years as a jazz saxophonist he had opportunities to perform around the world alongside some of the world’s finest musicians. After coming up through the esteemed jazz-education programs of Seattle, WA, Tim’s passion for film music took him to Berklee College of Music in Boston, MA, where he earned a B.Mus in Film Scoring (magna cum laude). In 1998 Tim began his professional career under the mentorship of two-time emmy-award winning composer Hummie Mann.

Since, Tim has logged countless hours working on music for somewhere around 100 projects — major motion pictures, quirky indie films, television, video games, and advertising — for which Tim has created orchestral, jazz, rock/pop, and electronica/hybrid scores. Tim wrote music for The Beijing Olympics, PBS’s ‘Inside Passage,’ the theatrical trailer for ‘Monster,’ starring Charlize Theron, and much more. Tim has also written music for the concert hall, including premieres in 2010 of a tone poem on the American classic ‘Moby Dick,’ a string quartet and a trio for flute, guitar and cello, and occasionally writes original works for a nine-piece jazz ensemble. 

Tim is also a veteran of musical theater, and wrote the original music for The Well.