In “The Well,” we follow the struggles of our three characters as we are plunged into their dark, personal worlds: 

Lola Divine (Paris, 1920s)

Lola is a self-loathing ex-patriot numbing herself with alcohol and drugs. She’s famous for singing the blues but no one understands how deeply she feels them. She’s caught off guard by the kindness and genuine love of a stranger. 

Carole & Jack (1960s)

Carole & Jack (1960s)

Carole’s story follows loving someone suffering from Manic Depression which has newly taken over the ambitious, driven, happy Jack. She’s fearful about how it’s going to affect their lives and the child Jack doesn’t know about yet. 

Rachel (Modern Day)

Rachel, Modern Day Girl

Rachel is a strong, confident girl until she is haunted by the dark figure of Depression, who promises Rachel will have a great time if she will just jump into The Well. Rachel finds herself alone in the darkness, taunted and tortured by Depression, until she begins to fight back. 

The characters of Life and Depression accompany these protagonists through their mental health journeys, poking, prodding and interfering with their lives along the way.

Social commentary and humor are used to relieve the dark nature of the subject matter by The Dopamine Players, our answer to the traditional Greek Chorus.

Supporting Characters (Played by Dopamine Players-singing, as well as non-singers) Include:

Carole’s Mom
Jack’s Dad
Card Girl
Fight Announcer
Rachel’s Mother
Stage Manager